Uncover hidden revenue by A/B testing product prices

Looking for an alternative way to increase sales? Use Dexter to run AB tests, raise product prices and unlock additional revenue opportunities.

Top DTC brands trust Dexter to price test their products

Top DTC brands trust Dexter to price test their products

Launch a test in 60 secs

Unlike other apps, Dexter prides itself on making it easy and fast to launch and benefit from a price test.

Step 1

Pick a product

Step 2

Decide how much you want to increase (or decrease) the price

Step 3

Pick what fraction of visitors should see the test price

Step 4

Launch the test and unearth hidden revenue

Price testing that’s easy yet powerful

The traditional ways to price test a product is cumbersome and often yield wrong results. Dexter makes it super simple while giving you statistically significant results.

Simultaneous testing

Dexter is one of the very few apps that let you price test a product simultaneously in a given period of time whereas others do basic AB tests – v1 for week 1, v2 for week 2, and so on.

Simplified analytics

We uncomplicate things – we monitor the revenue per 100 visitors to tell which price is doing well at a glance.

Compatible throughout the test

Dexter is compatible with remarketing & cart recovery – users will see the same price throughout the test.

Will Dexter work for you?

During your first test, we’ll verify whether Dexter is compatible with your Shopify theme within 30 minutes and let you know whether we’re a good fit for your store.

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