Top Intelligems Alternatives for Price Testing (Free & Paid)


As a Shopify ecommerce business, it’s important to always be testing prices for your products to determine what customers are willing to pay. After all, the price is one of the most important factors that customers consider when making a purchase. 

Intelligems is one of the price testing and AB testing tools for Shopify store owners. However, the process of setting up AB tests with Intelligems is complicated due to a lot of additional features. And this can be overwhelming for store owners that just want to test product prices.

So while it’s a great tool, there are better Intelligems alternatives for price testing on Shopify that offer simpler setup and quicker results.

What is Intelligems?

Intelligems is a company that provides software to help stores with price testing and shipping fees. The software makes it easy to do A/B tests on prices, shipping fees, and discounts so that store owners can better understand their customers’ willingness to pay. This information can then be used to inform future pricing decisions. 

The Intelligems platform includes features such as true split AB tests, traffic filtering, robust analytics, profit analysis, flexible test design, and lightweight code integration. These features allow users to customize their tests in order to get the most accurate data possible while also minimizing any impact on site speed or ads. 

Overall, Intelligems is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to optimize their store’s pricing strategy by understanding customer behavior more deeply. But Intelligems is not the best solution for everyone—the integration can be difficult, the high fixed pricing can be a problem, or the price test setup is complicated.

Top Intelligems Alternatives for Price Testing

If you’re looking for a better app for price testing on Shopify, here are some of the top alternatives to Intelligems you can choose from. 

1. Dexter 

Dexter is a Shopify price-testing app that helps you increase profits and maximize revenue by optimizing your store for better product pricing. You can use Dexter to test different prices for a product simultaneously to see which price results in higher revenue. 

The app is easy to use and provides clear analytics so you can quickly determine which price is performing better. Dexter is simple, yet powerful in the way it functions behind the scenes.

Key features

  • Simple 3-step price test wizard: Dexter offers a simple 3-step wizard where you begin with selecting the product, then setting the price increase or decrease, and splitting the traffic. Once done, your price test goes live. No manual configuration is required.
  • Test prices in real-time, not in time intervals: Most price testing apps switch the prices of your products at specific time intervals. But that does not yield valid results because the behavior of your audience can differ at different times. With Dexter, prices are switched in real-time and completely automatically. So instead of having to wait a few hours for results, you can begin seeing results almost instantly.
  • Switch prices on the product page: Price tests with Dexter are easy because it does not change the product page URLs or require you to create unnecessary product variants. You just create a price test and Dexter automatically switches the prices on your product page based on how you split the traffic. Your ad campaigns can continue to send traffic to the same product URL and users will see different prices automatically.
  • Prices stay the same for individual users: You do not want visitors to see new prices every time they revisit your store. To handle this, Dexter tracks users with the price that they were shown on the first visit. On consequent visits, the visitor automatically sees the same price irrespective of how many times they revisit as long as the price test runs.
  • Easy statistics: Dexter simply tells you if the tested price brought in more conversions, and how many more conversions, compared to the original price. 


Dexter does not have a fixed monthly pricing and only charges $3.99 per 100 tested visitors.


  • Super-simple setup with just 3 steps to getting your price test live.
  • Get quick results from your test so you can know what prices to set for your product.
  • Statistically significant insights are generated from real-time price testing instead of time interval-based testing (reducing the chance of data getting skewed due to external factors that are affected by time like sale seasons, holidays, weekends, and others).
  • Prices are updated on the product page without requiring you to create additional product pages or variants, especially for price testing.


  • It’s designed to be a Shopify price-testing app and does the job really well. But for other types of testing, Dexter may not be your best fit.

Don't leave money on the table. Start using Dexter today!

2. Lomio 

Lomio is an easy-to-use A/B testing solution that helps ecommerce brands increase conversions and improve ROI. With Lomio, you can test different headlines, colors, call-to-actions, images, and copywriting to see what works best for your audience. 

The platform also offers theme A/B testing so you can try out new designs before launching them globally. All of this data is tracked in real time so you can make informed decisions about which changes to implement on your site. It’s an affordable solution that is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Key features

  • Lomio offers price testing, image testing, and product description testing.
  • Lomio’s editor is designed for ease of use so you do not need the experience to set up the A/B test.
  • Test if your new theme performs better with a small number of customers, before the big launch. 


Lomio starts at $19/month for up to 100 orders and goes up to $129/month for 2001+ orders.


  • The app is very intuitive and easy to use, you can get started with A/B testing in minutes.
  • Support is responsive and quick to fix any issues or add new features upon request.
  • Lomio is very affordable compared to other similar apps on the market.
  • The interface is clean and modern-looking, making it a pleasure to use the app.


  • It can be difficult to set up tests if you want to set up quick tests without unnecessary complexities. You may need an easier tool like Dexter for such use cases.

3. Trident AB

Trident AB is a powerful A/B testing tool that helps Shopify merchants and eCommerce stores increase their conversion rates and boost sales. With Trident AB, you can easily create tests for your product pages, pricing, copywriting, images, and product page layouts to find out what converts best. 

Additionally, Trident AB is fully integrated with Shopify to ensure that your website’s speed won’t be impacted by running tests. Plus, with its intuitive reporting interface and powerful analytics capabilities, you can confidently compare any of your KPIs to see how your test results improve over time. So if you’re looking for an easy way to increase profits without sacrificing site speed or performance, install Trident AB today.

Key features

  • Trident helps you test everything on your product page including title, images, copywriting, and more in order to find out what converts best
  • Test different pricing strategies to find the optimal price point for your products
  • Bulk test multiple products at once to save time
  • Site speed is important. Trident A/B uses Shopify’s existing infrastructure so there is zero impact on website load time, guaranteed
  • Intuitive reporting & powerful analytics – compare any of your KPIs with high confidence in an easy-to-understand interface (see screenshots) 
  • Create tests without coding and without a statistics degree – you can quickly and easily create your tests within Shopify’s product editor


Trident starts free and lets you run 5 AB tests while you can upgrade to $29.99 per month for unlimited AB tests.


  • Trident AB is an essential tool for growing any eCommerce / Shopify page.
  • The app is easy to set up and use, with a clean UI that makes it simple to test things.
  • You can test anything you want in just a few seconds, and test dozens of things at once.
  • Trident AB helps find “winning” products and product pages in just a few days.
  • The company provides great support and a responsive team that are intelligent – no outsourced team here.


  • The app can be a bit overwhelming for those who are not data-minded.
  • There is no way to test things without creating a whole new product page.

4. Leaflet

Leaflet is a price A/B testing platform designed to help online businesses optimize their pricing for maximum profits. Using Leaflet is simple: businesses select the products they want to test, decide on the size of price increase or decrease they want to experiment with and choose what percentage of visitors should see the new prices. 

Key features

  • Keep the product URL the same when testing new prices so you can continue sending traffic to the same page
  • Users see the same prices throughout their journey
  • Test prices with one click and monitor the results easily
  • Compare revenue per 100 visitors to see which price is doing better


Leaflet charges are based on how many sales the price tests bring in. However, according to user reviews, the pricing is not transparent and is directly added to your monthly Shopify bill. 


  • Allows testing prices without changing product URLs
  • Tracks users to ensure the same prices are displayed throughout the visits 
  • Offers quick information on the test results through simple analytics


  • Support seems to be very delayed or unresponsive as per multiple user reviews
  • The app is not updated regularly and can break as Shopify’s systems are updated
  • The pricing isn’t transparent which can lead to unexpected bills in your monthly Shopify due

Choose the better Intelligems alternative for Shopify price testing

Since price determines how customers perceive your products and brand, you need to put a special focus on finding the right prices. With price testing, you can determine what’s the maximum price your customers will pay, and with that interpret your brand’s current value so you can work your way up from there.

Dexter is designed for Shopify store owners that want to run price tests without unnecessary complexities. You simply install the app, set up the price test using the wizard, and get access to your test results to base your pricing decisions. And Dexter generates statistically significant data in real-time, you can rest assured that the decisions you make are reliable and can be counted upon in the long run.

Don't leave money on the table. Start using Dexter today!

Don’t leave revenue on the table. Start using Dexter today!