Neat AB Alternative: Why Dexter Is the Best Price AB Testing App


Neat is a simple Shopify AB testing app. It allows Shopify store owners to easily test variants of different pages on your Shopify store. The app makes it easy for those who simply want the data to make decisions before making changes to their websites. 

But Neat AB fails with true AB tests. For example, when you need to run price tests in real time.

The best Neat AB alternative for running price tests — Dexter.

What is Dexter?

Dexter is a powerful price A/B testing tool for Shopify store owners. Where all the competitor AB testing apps require product variants on separate URLs, Dexter does things very differently. 

Instead of switching between different URLs and product variants, Dexter automatically changes the price on your existing product pages. 

You simply need to run the test, set your prices, and Dexter takes over. Best of all, Dexter is free to install

Let’s look at some of the major differences between Neat AB and Dexter so you can choose the best Neat alternative for your AB testing needs. 

Best Neat AB alternative for running price AB tests on Shopify

AB tests are real-time tests that continually track how different users react to price variations.

While Neat AB can run price tests, it has one major drawback — you have to create the two variants to run the test and the app simply switches between the URLs every few hours. 

The problem? 

When a user visits the same page later, they may see a different price and lose trust in your store.

This may not be the best solution as you want to ensure consistency in pricing throughout the buyer’s journey. 

That’s where Dexter comes in. It makes price testing simple. 

Simpler price testing setup

Right after you install Dexter, the support team manually reviews your store to ensure the price tests will work perfectly. This is done within 30 minutes and you’re notified as soon as it’s complete.

You can then enable a price test by going through the simple 3-step price test setup wizard.

Step 1 – Select a Product

To begin the test, you need to select a product. Click [Create My First Test] to see the list of your products. 

Choose one from the list and click [Next: Set Price]

Step 2 – Set the Price

You can choose to increase or decrease your price by a certain amount. 

For the demonstration, I have raised the price by $35. The new price will be displayed on the traffic split based on our next step.

Step 3 – Split the traffic

Choose the portion of visitors who will see the updated prices. I’ve gone with the default 50-50 split here. 

Dexter will track visitors with cookies to keep prices consistent across multiple visits from a single user. Once you’re done, click [Next: Launch the Test] and click [Launch] to get started. 

Don't leave money on the table. Start using Dexter today!

Price testing without additional product variants

Most AB testing apps go with the technically easier method of letting store owners and managers create two variants and switch between the two URLs. This reduces the engineering effort required by the app developers but affects SEO and your marketing campaigns since the URLs need to change.


Instead of switching between different URLs, Dexter updates the price on your existing product page. This has a major advantage—you can continue to run your ads and marketing campaigns without changing the product URLs. 

Based on how you split your traffic, it automatically switches between your price variations without any intervention whatsoever. 

Neat AB

Compare that with Neat AB which splits the variants based on the time. Your visitors will see one price for a full day before Neat switches that with the second page. Since most first-time buyers do not buy, this fluctuation in price will affect their trust in your store and reduce the chance of a conversion.

Dexter does a better job at modifying prices on the spot without changing the URL or the product page for the visitors. Your customers can visit the product pages as they normally do and Dexter works behind the scenes to show different prices.

Consistent prices throughout a customer’s visits

Only a handful of buyers will buy on their first visit—that’s why Dexter tracks visitors who see the pages you are running price tests on with a cookie. 


When a visitor comes to your test page for the first time, Dexter shows a specific price and immediately adds a cookie to their browser with that data. 

This allows Dexter to know what price was shown to a visitor. When the same visitor comes back to make the purchase, they will see the price they initially saw.

Neat AB

Neat AB on the other hand runs a website ab test where different prices are shown based on the time of the visit irrespective of the price the visitor saw earlier. 

For example, if you’re testing a product price between $30 and $40, a visitor may first see $30 and then on the subsequent visits, see $40. This will reduce the buyer’s trust in your store and make them less likely to buy. 

Also, the results of this test cannot be used for decision-making as the buyer may buy a product if they see a $30 price after first seeing $40. Some who were on the verge of buying may back out if they see the price go up by $10 on subsequent visits. 

Because Dexter tracks visitors using cookies, it’s seamless to show the same prices to the same visitor no matter how many visits they make. 

Statistically significant data for better decision making

The major drawback with making decisions using Neat AB statistics is this—you do not know if the change in conversions is due to your optimizations or because of the market conditions. 


With Dexter, the prices switch automatically based on how you split the traffic. For example, when you’re testing a $30 product with a $40 price and a 50-50 split, a random 50 people of every 100 will see the $40 pricing. 

This gives you statistically significant results that help you make an informed decision without the results being skewed by market conditions. 

Neat AB

For example, an umbrella company can run a price test using Neat. The app cycles through the different prices every few hours and you see higher conversions on the second day when the prices are higher. You may want to assume that your visitors are okay with paying higher prices. 

But if it rains, more people are likely to order an umbrella anyway. This makes it hard to attribute an increase in conversions to your optimizations rather than the market.

Dexter reduces this bias in data by running tests in real-time. It reduces the influence of market conditions as the audience is split in real-time instead of waiting for a set number of hours. The data generated with this method is more accurate for decision-making than a time-based one.

Choose Dexter — The best Neat AB alternative for Shopify price testing

Neat AB is a great Shopify AB testing app that helps you try multiple product variations to see what sticks. But due to its technical limitations, it cycles between variables based on time instead of users which will lead to inaccurate results 

When you need more accurate and robust results to rely upon, choose Dexter. With real-time data collection, Dexter produces statistically significant results with as few as 100 visitors. 

If you are looking for an alternative to Neat AB, look no further than Dexter — the best price testing app for busy Shopify store owners.

Don't leave money on the table. Start using Dexter today!

Don’t leave revenue on the table. Start using Dexter today!